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How do you search in AGROFOTO®`s picture archive?

All pictures have Danish search words attached.
All plants, pests and diseases have the Latin name attached.
By far the most of the rest of the pictures also have English search words attached.

Mouse over
All pictures have one or normally more search words attached. When you have done a search, the result will be shown on the screen. You can se all the search words attached to a picture, by turning the mouse over the picture. The search words normally describes what you see on the picture. It´s especially an advantage if you have used a common search word.

Click on a small picture
When you have got the result of a search, you can click on a picture and get it in a bigger size including a water mark. Under the picture you can se the search words attached to the picture. When you use your password and login, the water mark disappear, and you can download the picture to your computer.

Number of search words
If you use more search words you shall leave one space between the words. The most pictures have 6-10 search words attached. If you want to se mildew in winter wheat, write “winter wheat erysiphe graminis”
If you use few and very common search words, you will get many hits. Now you can add more search words and get a smaller selection. If you use many or very specific search words, you will get only few hits.

Growth stage
For all the common crops there are a lot of pictures of fields at different growth stages. You can narrow your search by writing the growth stage, but it has always to end on 0 or 9, for instance “60”.

Help and inspiration to your search
On this home page you can see all the search words used in this picture archive. Here you can get inspiration and get an impression of how big the archive actually is. Click on a word on the list, and you will get the hits.
If you need help please contact Andreas Østergaard by mail: agrofoto@agrofoto.dk or by phone +45 54430198.